Greenroof Gardens

St. Lukes Hospital -- Milwaukee

Stano Landscaping was proud to receive a Grand Award for "The St. Luke's Hospital Healing Gardens" in the 40th Annual Environmental Improvement Awards Program sponsored by PLANET, the Professional Landcare Network.

These award-winning gardens splendidly showcase both the artistic qualities and the beauty of greenroofs. The hospital's indoor and outdoor gardens feature welcoming walkways and sitting areas where the the lush greenery, colorful blooms and panoramic views all can be enjoyed.

We welcome you to a short tour of these gardens at St. Luke's:

The rooftop gardens provide an oasis for hospital staff, patients and visitors on a year-round basis. These gardens are a welcome retreat from the sterile hospital environment.

Both indoor and outdoor gardens feature curvilinear and artistic retaining walls, beautiful plantings and inviting sitting areas. In total, they contain over 1,200 linear feet of wall stone and caps.

The interior garden provides a serene, tropical setting which features graceful trees, thriving shrubs, trickling water and vivid blooms.

More than 100 cap stones were specially engraved with the names of project sponsors. These personalized stones were then placed in order by family name and donor group.

A specially-designed healing garden features a maze surrounded by lush plantings and colorful perennials. The maze provides garden visitors with an interesting and challenging path to enhance their "healing garden" experience.

A garden pond is surrounded by tropical foliage and natural outcropping stone. It features an interactive spitting frog fountain.

The north walkway, which connects the east and west areas of the exterior garden, is flanked by plentiful evergreens and flowering perennials. Although narrow, it is ADA wheelchair accessible for hospital visitors.

A visitor enjoys the serene environment of the east exterior garden.

Construction Posed Unique Challenges

Each and every greenroof project is unique, and each poses special installation challenges. In the case of St. Luke's, it was its hospital environment complete with sensitive equipment and controlled air. Among the challenges:

  • create minimal disturbance to the operating rooms located directly below the construction area
  • create minimal contamination to the hospital's controlled air
Construction photos below portray the steps Stano took to meet these and other challenges:

Mindful of the operating suites below, all project materials were hoisted by crane to the 8th floor roof top site. In addition, logistical sequencing was necessary due to rooftop weight restrictions and often-harsh weather conditions.

The interior garden features a pond of natural stone. Pond construction involved critical control of pond pumping equipment and basin waterproofing.

All tropical plants were transported through hospital elevators and corridors. Protective wrapping was required to reduce contamination.

Stano's Greenroof Portfolio

Greenroofs require intricate planning and often specify special drainage, pavers, engineered topsoil, irrigation, and trees, shrubs, perennials and annual plantings. Stano works hand-in-hand with area landscape architects, general contractors and roofing contractors on its greenroof projects. In addition to St. Luke's, Stano's greenroof portfolio includes:
  • Bayshore Mall
  • Milwaukee School of Engineering Man at Work Art Museum
  • University Club Tower
  • River Renaissance
  • Froedert Hospital Cancer Center Greenroof
  • Mortara Instrument Greenroof
  • Eastcastle Place
  • The Monroe Clinic Monroe (another award-winner)

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